Comm50 – program for communication and setup for SL-50

Comm50 main screen

Comm50 – program for communication and setup for SL-50


  • The program is used for communication and setup of the SL-50 access controller
  • Changing the Master ID badge (iButton or RF card/tag), which is used for off-line access table editing
  • Adding or deleting ID badges to the access table
  • Adding or deleting users to the database and assigning them ID badges
  • While the program is active, a log file of events is made: clocking, door open, relay active etc.


Comm50 main screen

The screenshot above shows the main screen of the program.

The window in the middle lists the attached controllers. The example show only one controller called Main entrance that’s connected via COM6, a virtual serial port used with the SL-503 ethernet module for the SL-50

To the left is the Employee window, which show a list of all the users with names, surnames and their currently issued ID badge numbers. Some or all of these users may be uploaded to the controllers’ ID tables and will then activate the SL-50’s main relay after clocking to allow entry through a door, tourniquet or something else.

Access table
The right window is the access table of the currently selected controller (if there is more than one attached). These users will be granted access when they use their ID badges to make clocking.

This is a scrolling window showing the raw clocking data coming from the attached SL-50 controllers. The clockings go into a log file and the codes are explained in the SL-50 technical description pdf.

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