CommService – communication, configuration, snapshots of clockings

CommService is a program that communicates with most of CardWare’s devices for T&A and access control;

  • SL-83 – two channel controller for T&A and AC
  • SL-84 – four channel controller for T&A and AC
  • SL-87 – T&A terminal with ethernet connection
  • SL-88 – T&A controller with two AUX channels

The devices can be connected via current loop (COM port or USB adapted) or via TCP/IP.

CommConsole is CommService‘s user interface and is used to set up the program and devices and monitor the system.


  • communicates with all the devices in the system, even ones in other locations which are connected with WAN. receives clocking data and stores it in the database and log file
  • writes the PC time into the devices’ clocks at the command of the administrator and/or at regular intervals
  • reads a device’s status periodically and/or on command and shows information on the state of the comm link to the device, the device’s buffer and the time and date according to the device’s RTC
  • starts the device-specific configuration module on command
  • stores a photo from a camera associated to a reader at the time a clocking took place on that reader or terminal
  • compatible with following OSs: WinXP SP3, Win7,8 and 10
  • can be started as a Windows service (meaning it can start automatically whoever is logged on as a user), but can also be started as a program


CommConsole – status for one attached device

  • The left pane shows clocking/event data arriving from the attached devices
  • Code column in the clocking pane means the activity (clocking code) i.e. IN, OUT etc.
  • ID column in the clocking column means the ID of the attached device
  • Attached devices are shown in tabs in the right top pane: red tabs are devices that haven’t sent data in a defined time and may have a communication or other problem

CommConsole – configuration of SL-87 terminal (clocking activities)

CommConsole – configuring an SL-84 (actions for clocking event TK1)

CommConsole – admin service configuration (attached devices)

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