Jingle1 – shop floor jingle signalling unit

Jingle 1 (4)
Jingle1 is a shop-floor acoustic signalling unit that generates a musical jingle to inform employees of start/end of shifts, breaks etc.

The jingle audio signal is generated internally so only a 12VDC signal is needed for the tone.

Can be connected to SL-83/SL-84 controllers directly or via Jingle-PS power supply units for extended jingle systems.


  • Suitable for signalling shifts, lunch-breaks, pauses etc. in factories and large halls
  • Jingle1 needs just one (cheap) power cable (12V) to operate
  • Flexible carrier plate allows mounting parallel or perpendicular to horn direction (wall)
  • Two horns can be attached to a carrier plate for 90deg or back-to-back configuration
  • One horn can cover cca 20x30m in a production (moderately noisy) environment
  • Network of jingle units can be easily made for large and distributed systems using the Jingle1 power supply and branching unit
  • Can be operated directly from T&A controllers SL-83 and SL-84 without additional HW or SW


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