Jingle1-PS – power supply/branching for bigger jingle systems

Jingle-PS (1)
Jingle-PS Power supply 220VAC/12VDC for JINGLE-1 devices. These are needed if there are several JINGLE-1 units and/or if the cable lengths are over 20m.
Also used for branching JINGLE cables.


  • Used when long cables and/or multiple Jingle1 units would cause too big voltage drops
  • If Jingle1 units are too far away from the controller (SL-8x) this unit must be used
  • Only low-current, jingle signal is used between SL-8x and Jingle1-PS or between two Jingle1-PS units
  • Needs AC voltage input and converts this into 12VDC for attached Jingle1 units
  • Control signal can be either 12V or No Voltage (NO)


Jingle-PS (3)

Jingle-PS (2)

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