KatzeEvents – review all events logged by controllers (ID and non ID events)

The controllers and terminals supported by CommService xan generate both ID (by a person) and non-ID events (e.g. Door1 opened, turnstile #3 rotated, AC power lost – controller on battery power).
KatzeReports7 doesn’t deal with non-ID records and some ID records (clockings) can be ignored as well (so called invisible clockings). This is what KatzeEvents is for.
If you want to know whether person so-and-so opened the door (or passed the tourniquet) after making an IN clocking, was a door left open too long or not closed at all after someone’s entry, this program is the solution.
KatzeEvents can also be used to check the photographs taken at the moment of clocking and stored by CommService in order to check:

  • A clocking has been made. Was the employee using their ID badge or someone else’s i.e. buddy-punching?
  • A door was opened. Who opened it?


  • Chronological overview of all recorded events: ID and non-ID
  • Export reports to Excel format
  • Colour code selection for all event groups in listing
  • Shows photos taken at the moment of clocking or non-ID event – catch buddy-punchers


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