KatzePanel – “at a glance” display of employee presence/absence

KatzePanel is a program for checking the current status of an employee based on their last clocking. This is a software version of the old light panels that indicated if an employee was present or absent.


  • Enables ON-LINE presence tracking i.e. at-a-glance verification of an employee’s presence/absence
  • Ideal for collateral (without spending time and resources) nabbing of employees who try to cheat with clockings: boss calls someone on their company (line) phone or visits their office, sees that they are absent, then checks with Katze{anel if they’ve made an EXIT clocking
  • The last clocking of each employee is used
  • Employees can be distributed into virtual panels (according to seating, function etc.) so that they can be found quickly when presence verification needs to be done – even when there are lots of employees on the panels
  • The user can organise the panels himself: their number, the distribution and placement of employees and whuch employees should be placed on panels
  • The presence/absence of employees is shown by a coloured disc next to their names, green (last action was IN) or red (OUT)
  • Employee names on tiles can turn red if the last recorded activity is older than n hours (e.g. 8h) because the data is then suspect. (E.g. an IN clocking more than 8 hours ago might mean the employee left but didn’t make an OUT clocking.)
  • Each defined activity can have a different disc colour, so different OUT clockings can be seen at a glance on the panels


KatzePanel – main screen

KatzePanel – activity disc colour selection

KatzePanel – last activity report

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