KatzePanel3 – (Win/Android/IOS) at-a-glance employee presence view and work calendar change

Present/Absent employees

KatzePanel3 – foreman application


  • versions for Android, Windows and macOS
  • uses KatzReports7 database
  • each foreman can “see” his/her employees
  • activity colours are defined in the database and are valid for all clients. E.g.
    • green – In
    • red – Out
    • yellow – break …
  • display, grouping of employees is governed by activity groups (groups are defined by the user) – usually these are:
    • Present – In, Break
    • Absent – Out, Official Exit, Approved Exit
    • Evacuation – Evac reader
  • online employee status display – shows the last clocking state from the database
  • offline employee status – shows the presence/absence status at a specified time/date
  • View and edit employee workday duty (shift, exceptions, overtime etc.)
  • IF a foreman changes workdays in the app, he/she doesn’t have to notify the KatzeReports7 operator because the changes (new calendar, exception) go straight into the database and take effect.
  • Languages: English and Serbian, (expandable multi-language support)
  • Themes: Light & dark


Present/Absent employees

Connection to server

Calendar view

Calendar edit

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