KatzeReports7 – T&A calculation and access control setup

KatzeReports7 is a program for time and attendance and access control.  It is used to evaluate the clockings of employees and sort their accrued working hours into “time accounts” according to an algorithm that is defined by the customer.  These “time accounts” can then be used by the payroll program with minimum human intervention.


  • Defining an unlimited number of worktime types
  • the program differentiates fixed (single and double),flexible, shortened, work in shifts, overtime etc.
  • Unlimited number of presence types, which can be distinguished in reports
  • the program can distinguish night work from day work, overtime from regular time, weekend work from working days etc.
  • Unlimited number of events that can be recorded via the program
  • Large number of parameters
  • The program contains a large number of parameters (global & personal), which enable the configuration of the time measurement process to adapt to companies of differing types and sizes
  • ON-LINE presence monitoring
  • If the data acquisition program (CommService) is active, you can always see the the currently present/absent data in the status line and the present/absent list.
  • Detailed reports for a selected time interval by various criteria
  • worked hours report (cumulative or daily, by hour types or total)
  • work-time violations report (tardiness, negative balance, early departures, unsanctioned exits)
  • event history reports (clockings and absences)
  • current status reports (present, absent and tardiness)
  • Export reports to many formats (HTML, txt, PDF, Excel)


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  • Windows OS: 7 SP1 min, 8,10
  • MSSQL 2008 R2 min, free Express version suitable