T&A with large area jingle system

The next configuration assumes T&A with a jingle system in a large production hall or several, dislocated shop-floors where signalling should occur simultaneously. In situations such as this, the 30m limit on cables from the power supply (SL-83 or SL-84) to the jingle unit becomes a problem.
The Jingle1-PS power supply unit solves this problem by providing local power to nearby jingle units and the possibility of branching the jingle network.

  • The jingle system is activated by the SL-83 or SL-84 controllers, which have a configurable set of “time events” i.e. any relay output can be activated at a preset time of day (any day or on a specific weekday or date)
  • The Jingle1-PS needs a local 220VAC supply
  • The cable carrying the input signal to the Jingle1-PS can be thinner/longer than cables to Jingle1 units, because this cable carries only a small signal current
  • A Jingle1_PS input can be connected to another Jingle1_PS output, thereby creating large, branching jingle srtuctures.

T&A with large jingle structure