SL-253 – RS-232 to 20mA loop converter with isolation


RS-232/20mA loop (current loop) converter with isolation


  • RS-232 side had a D25F connector, current loop side has screw terminals
  • Isolation on both channels: Rx and Tx
  • Both channels (Rx and Tx) can be separately used as active (current source) or passive (no source)
  • Type of link: point-to-point, full duplex
  • Max speed: 19200 Bd
  • RS-232 side has phantom power-supply, from the RS-232 connector’s out pins
  • Current loop needs small 8-20V@100mA power supply
  • No power supply is needed if both Rx an Tx channels are configured as passive
  • LED indicators for Rx i Tx signals



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