SL-50 OEM – standalone access controller, PCB only

SL-50 OEM (2)Standalone (or PC connected) access controller.

Can use iButtons or RF cards/tags (with SL-xxx readers). In standalone mode, the access table is edited with a MASTER iButton or RF card.


  • The SL-50 is used for access control and logging the entrance into a controlled room
  • All persons permitted entrance into the controlled room are issued an iButton or RF card
  • The SL-50 supports iButtons, RF cards and RF tags
  • iButtons and RF cards have unique IDs and aren’t easy to copy, like e.g. barcodes, PIN-based access control, magnetic cards and most keys
  • The SL-50 can be connected to a master PC via an RS-232 cable, or with a current loop (up to 1km cable) or to a LAN (Ethernet adapter SL=501)
  • The SL-50 can be configured from a PC: the MASTER ID badge, the relay active times and the ID table can be edited via the Comm50 program
  • When the ID table has been entered, the SL-50 can function autonomously. If logging of persons activating the relay is needed, an active, connected PC is necessary.
  • The ID table can also be edited with a MASTER ID badge. In this case a PC is not needed
  • The ID table has 254 places


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