SL-50 – standalone access controller

SL-50 (2)Standalone or PC-connected access controller.

In standalone use, access table is edited with MASTER iButton or RF tag.

Uses iButtons or RF tags/cards (with RF readers SL-xxx)


    • The SL-50 is used to open electric door locks and log entry into a restricted area
    • Each person authorised entry into the area has a unique ID badge
    • The SL-50 supports the following ID badges: iButton, RF card, RF tag (EM 4xxx compatible)
    • The SL-50 can be connected to a master PC via RS-232 (or USB with an adapter) or via current loop or Ethernet (with the SL-501 adapter)
    • The access table of the SL-50 can be edited wiht the Comm50 orogram or wihtout a PC using a Master ID badge
    • After editing the access tables, the SL-50 doesn’t need a PC to function, unless a log of events is needed
    • The access table has a max number of 254 ID codes plus a Master
    • Alarm output-active when someone opens the door when the relay output is not active – break-in or key used
    • Three voltage-free inputs are available: sensor input for door sensor, alarm input, which can also trigger alarm output relay and egress input, which can trigger door relay activation
    • Egress input can be used to connect SL-50 to doorphone system
    • The SL-50 uses a 12V/7Ah lead-acid battery for autonomous functioning in case of power cuts
    • There is an OEM version of the SL-50


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