SL-62 Jingle Controller / Timer


The SL-62 Jingle controller can be used with Jingle1 (single melody) and JIngle2 (4 melody) jingle units and JIngle power supplies/repeaters. It uses cheap 3 wire mains cables to supply power and signalling to Jingle2 units or 2 wires for Jingle1 units

It has 32 timer events with Year/Month/Day/Hour/Min and day of week (checkbox) criteria. Each timer event can be associated to one of 4 output states or melodies.


  • 32 complex time events, each with Don’t Care option: Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute
  • Each time event has 7 checkboxes for Day of Week selection
  • Time events have 4 possible active output settings (one of four melodies) and OFF setting
  • Outputs are via 3 way screw terminals. All three are used for Jingle2 systems with 4 melodies and only two for Jingle1 systems with one melody
  • Active output time can be set for each event from 1s to 32s
  • LCD shows current time/date, number of programmed events and currently active event
  • Connection to CommService and CommConsole for setup is via LAN cable
  • Can be used as a 2×2 output multi-purpose timer with the SL-621 relay board
    • By connecting the SL-621 outputs to SL-8x Sen or Egr inputs, one can achieve complex access rules e.g. no entry on public or religous holidays even if they are on workdays
    • SL-621 outputs can be connected to sensor equipped sliding doors to make them open unconditionally during certain periods and open only after badge reading in all other periods


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