SL-621 double relay module for using SL-62 as timer

The SL-621 relay module lets you use the SL-62 Jingle controller as a multi-purpose timer. It has two relays with two independent voltage-free outputs each. Instead of selecting and playing jingles, the 4 output events of the SL-62 are used to SET/RESET the relays of the SL-621. The relays stay in the selected state until another event happens. With the help of the SL-622 manual override wall mounted module, users can see the state of both outputs and manually SET/RESET the relays.


  • Inputs: 12VDC/2A max, 3-wire control event input from SL-62
  • Outputs: two relays with 2 independent (NC,C,NO) voltage-free outputs each
  • Outputs: two 12VDC/0,9A limited outputs for use with voltage-free outputs if needed
  • 8-pin screw terminal for connection to SL-622 Manual control module


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