SL-73 – battery powered T&A terminal

SL-73 (1)Battery-powered time recorder for time&attendance or recording any two time-stamped events.

No cabling is necessary, so the unit is ideal for temporary locations such as building sites,  agricultural and similar labour situations, where presence times have to be tracked, but there is no electricity or network infrastructure.

The unit is affixed to a wall with a supplied metal frame. It can be taken out easily, taken to a PC and the clocking data read out.

Optionally, a small padlock can be supplied to prevent unauthorised removal of the unit from the frame.


  • T&A terminal for remote and temporary locations without power and network infrastructure
  • Doesn’t use any cables, either for power or communication
  • Wall mounting is with a supplied metal frame. A small padlock can be used for security
  • The device can store up to 2048 clockings. An LED lamp indicates buffer almost full
  • To read out clocking data, the device is simply removed from the frame and taken to a PC
  • Uses a 9V block battery, which lasts 4-6 months
  • Communicates with PC via COM or USB
  • Ideal for temporary construction, agricultural and other field work



SL-73 & mounting frame

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