SL-84 – four channel T&A and access controller

SL-84 (2)Four channel time & attendance and access controller. Can use iButtons and RF tags.


  • alphanumeric LCD 24×2 with backlighting
  • 4 configurable reader inputs (iButton, RF, PIN keyboards etc.)
  • 4 voltage-free sensor inputs
  • 4 voltage-free egress inputs
  • 4 configurable relay outputs (12V or voltage-free, both polarities)
  • outputs are galvanically isolated from MCU in all 4 configurations
  • configurable relay-on time for all 4 relays
  • time & attendance function (buffer for 8192 clockings)
  • access control function (ID table of 4096, time and input state discrimination possible)
  • PLC-type configuration  (all events can affect all outputs)
  • random event generation for all readers with settable probability (e.g. spot searches for exits, breath tests for entries)
  • 8 time-events for signal generation on relay outputs (e.g. start/end of shift and coffee break signalling)
  • Forced Entry alarms (door opened, corresponding relay inactive)
  • Door Open Too Long alarm (time limit settable)
  • AUX channel for attaching up to 8 additional AUX devices (readers, terminals, large clock displays etc.)
  • PC communication over active 4-wire current loop (to 1000m)
  • RJ-45 connector for direct connection to Ethernet – TCP/IP
  • 12V/7Ah lead battery for up to 24h autonomy
  • battery charger with up to 2,5A
  • battery deep-discharge protection
  • alarm output for  indicating no-AC input voltage condition
  • most connectors available both as RJ-11 and detachable screw terminals  (5mm pitch)


SL-84 (2) SL-84 (3) SL-84 (1)

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Technical details

Input voltage 220VAC with grounding
Battery sealed lead-acid 12V/7Ah
Autonomy 3 to 24h  (depending on the number and type of connected readers, terminals and actuators (locks, magnets etc.)
Power 50W, 100W, 150W depending on installed AC/DC converter
Backup of data min. 30 days
Buffer capacity 8192 clockings
  • Active current loop, 4 wires, 9600 Bd
Ambient temperature 0 0C – 40 0C
Mounting Internal
Case dimensions: 38×30.5x8cm


  • PC with Windows OS and free serial or USB port or LAN connection
  • one or more SL-84 controllers
  • TK-type magcard, iButton or RF card readers
  • magnetic cards, RF cards or tags, DS1990A iButtons with plastic keyfobs
  • program for communication and configuration: CommService;
  • KatzeReports for creation and editing of access ID tables (ID media owners and their access rights) and uploading these tables to the controllers
  • CommService for downloading clocking data from controllers into database
  • KatzeReports for evaluation of clocking data, working hour calculation and report generation