SL-845 – TK reader/iButton buffer

The SL-845 buffer can be used to extend the cable length between TK iButton readers and controllers. It is used at the TK reader end of the cable and can extend the cable length up to 50m (UTP/STP) between the SL-845 and the controller with up to 10m between the TK reader and the SL-845.


  • Placed between TK reader and SL-8x controller
  • Cable length between TK and SL-845 up to 10m (STP/UTP)
  • Cable length between SL-845 and controller up to 50m (STP/UTP)
  • No external power needed, powered by TK LED lines
  • LEDs must be configured in the default HIGH state (SL-8x configuration)


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