SL-871 – T&A terminal with activity selection

SL-871 (11) T&A terminal with a large display and up to 11 configurable activities (In, Out, luncbreak, etc. ).

Uses capacitive keys, no moving parts.

Available with iButton or RF reader.

External mounting.


The SL-871 is a T&A terminal with a large 20×2 LCD and capacitive keys for activity (clocking type) selection. The top row of the dsiplay shows the current time&date of the attached controller (SL-83/84/88), while the lower shows the currently selected activity (In, Out, Break, OfficialOut, etc.) along with the previous and following activities in the list of 11 definable ones. When a user makes a clocking with an iButton or RF card, the currently selected activity number is sent to the controller, with the ID badge code. The clocking is stored on the controller, not the SL-871.

Up to 11 activities (clocking types) can be defined, each with its ID number and 6-letter mnemonic (In, Out, LunchO, etc.), which will be shown on the LCD. The LCD bottom row shows two or three of the 11 defined activities, with the currently selected activity in the centre. Left and right are shown the previous and following activities in the array, if they exist.  Sik shortcut keys are placed under the LCD, for the most commonly used activities. Two left-right arrow keys are available under the shortcut keys, which are used for moving around in the activity array.

The keys are capacitive, with no moving parts.

Four SL-871 terminals can be attached to an SL-83/84 or to 8 an SL-88 controller.


SL-871 (11) SL-871 (8) SL-871 (1)

Connected devices


No readers can be attached

ID media



Technical details

Power From controller (SL-83/84/88)
Max. cable length to controller 50m
Cable type 4-wire telephone, UTP, STP (recommend)
Autonomy (no AC power) 3 to 12h (depends on SL-8x attached devices)
Power requirement
  • 0,8W (iButton version SL-871TM)
  • 2W (RF version SL-871RF)
Memory capacity 8192 clockings (in SL-8x controller)
Communication (with SL-83, SL-84, SL-88) AUX protocol (similar to I2C)
Ambient temp. -20 0C – 40 0C
Mounting External (IP65)
Case dimensions 240x160x60mm


  • SL-83, SL-84 or SL-88 controller;