SL-88 – T&A controller with two AUX ports

SL-88 (1)Time & attendance controller with 2 AUX channels. The SL-88 has no relay outputs, so it’s used in situations where a lot of readers/terminals need to be used in a small area and access control is not needed.

E.g. two branches with four SL-870 terminals can be attached to the SL-88. As the max. cable length of one branch may be up to 60m, we can cover a space of 120m with SL-870 terminals with the SL-88 in the centre.


  • alphanumeric LCD 24×2 with backlighting
  • Time and attendance clocking buffer of 8192 records
  • two AUX ports for connecting up to  2×8 AUX devices (readers, terminals, RF receivers, etc.)
  • communication with PC over active 4-wire current loop (to 1000m)
  • RJ-45 connector for direct connection to Ethernet – TCP/IP
  • 12V/7Ah battery for up to 24h autonomy
  • battery charger with up to 2.5A max.
  • battery deep-discharge protection
  • alarm output to indicate loss of AC power
  • most connectors in two parallel versions: RJ-11 and pluggable screw terminals (5mm)


SL-88 (1)

Connected products

Technical details

Power source 220VAC with protective ground
Battery 12V/7Ah sealed lead-acid
Autonomy  3 to 24 h (depends on number and type of AUX devices attached)
Power rating 50W max. (depends on number and type of AUX devices attached)
Data Backup 30 days min. after main battery is switched off
Memory buffer 8192 clockings
  • Current loop (9600 Bd, up to 1km, galvanic isolation)
Ambient temp 0 0C – 40 0C (pertains to controller, attached AUX devices may have different temp ranges)
Mounting Indoors
Case Metal


  • PC with Windows OS and COM/USB or LAN port;
  • one or more SL-88 controllers;
  • AUX readers and/or terminals and/or expanders and/or other AUX devices;
  • RF cards, RF tags or iButtons (DS1990A) with keyfobs;
  • PC program for communication with the controller: CommService;
  • KatzeReports7 program for T&A report generation and configuring the T&A rules;
  • CommService program for downloading clockings, checking controller status, setting time & date etc.;