TK-2 – heavy duty iButton reader module

TK-2 (4) Heavy-duty iButton reader module.

External mounting option.


The two part module is made of aluminium with a plastic coating.

  • the bottom part is fixed to the wall and has a hole for cable entry
  • the top part is attached to the bottom part with a single screw, which, after mounting,  is covered with the pictogram sticker (IN or OUT)
  • the module uses a T-1 iButton reader cup and has two high-brightness LEDs for good read indication (yellow) and relay activation – access granted (red).

The module is very sturdy and practically vandal-proof. Can be used externally, but care must be taken to protect from water.

Maximum cable length to controller (SL-83/SL84) is 20m.


TK-2 (4) TK-2 (3) TK-2 (2) TK-2 (1)

Connected products


ID media

AUX devices

  • SL-862


Technical details

Power from controller (SL-5x/8x)
Max cable length 10m (SL-50),  20m (SL-83,SL-84)
Cable type 4-way phone cable, UTP, STP (recommended)
Power consumption 0,3W (if both LEDs on), 30mW (if LEDs only turned on after clocking).
Communication protocol Dallas 1-wire
Ambient temp. -20 0C – 40 0C
Mounting External
Dimensions 55x63x45mm