Comm28x – communication with USB readers and keyboard emulation

Comm28x main

Program for communication with SL-28x USB readers. Data is injected into the currently active Windows application’s keyboard buffer (keyboard emulation).

Has flexible formatting options.


  • Receives the read data from all SL-28x (283,284,287) USB readers and, using configured formatting, sends it to the currently active Windows program’s keyboard buffer and/or the KatzeReports database
  • Recognises all attached SL-28x devices and lets the user select one for configuration
  • Formatting options are adjusted to device type
  • Autostart option when Windows starts
  • Sends 8, 12, 14 or 16 characters of code (HEX)
  • Up to four different prefixes and suffixes are allowed
  • Prefixes and suffixes can be user defined characters, ENTER, space, comma etc
  • Timestamps can also be used as prefixes/suffixes


Comm28x main

Comm28x config window for SL-284

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