Most CardWare programs shown here have a limited (DEMO) version

Unregistered versions of the program let you follow the activities of up to five employees or have a time limit of one month.

To register a program: 

  1. select Help / Registration in the main menu. Enter the data the program requests and save the file (this file is the registration request).
  2. Send this file to the email address
  3. If you meet the necessary conditions, you will receive a Registration key by email.
  4. Copy the registration key into the folder of the program you want to register.

All users with older versions are entitled to newer versions free of charge

New versions of KatzeReports are free for existing users, but any necessary changes to the configuration (based on filled questionnaires) are charged at cost.

Programs without registration are free of charge.

Database (Microsoft SQL Server)

Name Version OS Version Link Type Size
MSDE2008 R2 10.5 x86 download .zip 210 MB
MSDE2008 R2 10.5 x64 download .zip 242 MB

KatzeReports – Report generation

Program version Database version Link Type Size Zone Program
7.27.0 3.66.x download .exe 9 MB CommService

Communication programs

Program Device Version Link Type Size
CommService + Cnf8x0x SL-8x, SL-284 download .exe 16.5 MB
Comm50 SL-50 3.0 download .exe 0.9 MB
Comm53 + Cnf53 SL-53 FW: v2.0;v2.1;v3.0 3.1 download .exe 1.8 MB
Comm73 SL-73 1.0.5 download .exe 2.68MB

Programs using KatzeReports database

Name Version Link Type Size
KatzePanel3 download .exe 15.50 MB
KatzePanel 2.7.14 download .exe 0.85 MB
KatzeView 3.12.2 download .exe 5.4 MB
KatzeGuests 2.3.4 download .exe 4.8 MB
KatzeEvents 2.4.3 download .exe 1.5 MB

Comm33 – Guard Tour Control

Program version Database version Link Type Size
2.6.5 2.3 download .exe 3.0 MB

Comm28x – program for USB readers – SL-28x

Name Version Link Type Size
Comm28x + driver 2.7.1 download .exe 2.15 MB

Microsoft – Add Ons

Program OS version Link Type Size
Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package x86 download .exe 4.0 MB
SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility Components x86 download .msi 10.9 MB
SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility Components x64 download .msi 18.1 MB