Time and attendance with one random event generator (for spot-searches, breathalyser tests)

SL-83 and SL-84 controllers have the capability of generating random events on the basis of user clockings. These random events can activate one of the available relay outputs usually in order to turn on a light/sound signalling device.
Random events can be used for spot-searches, breathalyser tests or for any other necessary testing.
Random events have the following features:

  • Every TK reader input can be configured to generate a random event. E.g. if we want to implement spot-searches, we want only the exit clockings to generate a signal and if we want breathalyser tests, we would want the entry clockings to generate a signal
  • A probability of 0% to 100% in 0.5% increments can be configured to the random event.
  • A signalling device with a bright LED and a sounder is available as a standard product, but any 12V siganlling device can be used
  • If we only have one relay output/siganl device for random events, we shouldn’t have multiple possible causes for random events i,e in this example both the IN and the OUT reader shouldn’t be set to be able to generate a random event. If an emplyee performs a clocking on both readers at the same time, the security guard won’t know which of the two generated the event and, even worse, he’ll be able to choose which emplyee to search/li>

SL-83 T&A with random event signal output

The following diagram shows a setup where both the entry (RL1, breath-test) and exit (RL2, spot-search) clockings can generate a random event. The two events can even have different probabilities!

Random events for both directions