Time and attendance with several random event generators (for spot-searches, breathalyser tests)

This example configuration assumes we are using two random event signals with two bidirectional tourniquets.

  • Let’s assume we are using the IN clockings to generate the random events for. e.g. a breathalyser test
  • One four-channle SL-84 controller is used for each tourniquet. The relay outputs RL1 and RL2 are used to generate the signals to allow the tourniquet to turn forward/backward
  • Relay outputs RL3 are used to activate the sound/light signalling device to indicate there has been a random event
  • Both tourniquets/controllers have a signalling device each so in case of a random event, the security guard will know which employee to submit to an alcohol test
  • The S1 sensor input of both controllers is connected to the microswitch of the tourniquet, which is activated when the tourniquet arms are rotated enough for the enable signal to be switched off. This prevents the arms to be rotated more than once for each clocking

Dva turinketa sa slučajnim događajima za alko-test