SL-33 – hand held iButton reader with timestamping

 SL-33 Handheld iButton reader with timestamping. Ideal for guard-tour, maintenance, municipal snow-cleaning and other tasks where proof is needed that the user was in a specific place at a given time.


The SL-33 is a battery-powered, timestamping iButton reader. Its purpose is mainly control of guard-tours and similar tasks. The idea is to mount iButtons with metal plaques (TP-1) at a few well-chosen locations. The guard, upon taking over the SL-33, makes a reading with his personal iButton (thereby telling the system that the subsequent location readings belong to him) then walks around the site making readings of the affixed iButtons.

Once a day or once a week, the data is read out of the SL-33 and reports made of the guards’ clockings.

The unit can be used for any similar task and it has been successfully used to track pupils’ attendance in class, service rounds at telephone companies, contract municipal snow-cleaning  rounds etc.

A quality 9V alkaline battery is recommended and will last up to 6 months with average use. The SL-33 has a low-battery indicator, which will start flashing if the voltage drops below 7V.

  • 2048 clockings can fit in the buffer, each containing the time&date and iButton code.
  • connection to a PC is done by a COM port cable, either to an existing COM port or to a USB port using an RS232/USB converter.
  • Data is read out from SL-33 units by the Comm33 program, which also serves to generate and print reports.



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Technical details

Power 9V alkaline battery
Memory capacity 2048 timestamped reads
Connection COM port or USB/COM adapter
Power requirements 3-6 months with good alkaline battery
Ambient temp.
  • 0 0C – 40 0C (SL-33)
  • -20 0C – 60 0C (control points TP-1)
Mounting external (TP-1)
Dimensions SL-33 140x65x30mm
Dimensions TP-1 60x50x5mm