SL-622 Manual Control module for SL-621

The SL-622 is a wall mounted or desktop module which displays the state of the two relays in the SL-621 Relay module via two LEDs. It has two pairs of SET/RESET pushbuttons which enable the users to modify the current relay states, overriding the current states. (The events from the SL-62 and the manual input from the SL-622 have equal priority, so whatever happens last defines the state of the relays.)
The SL-622 has a key-operated switch, which needs to be turned in order to use the pushbuttons. thereby limiting unauthorised changing of relay states.
Connection to SL-621 is with regular 8-wire UTP/STP cable.


  • two LED indicators show current state of both relays of SL-621
  • SET/RESET pushbuttons for both relays allow manual changing of relays’ state
  • Connection with SL-621 with 8-way STP/UTP cable


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