T&A with Jingle system

This configutation shows an SL-83, with its TK reader inputs used for T&A IN and OUT readers and relay output RL1 for driving a local jingle system with three jingle loudspeakers connected in a star topology.

  • The jingle system is activated by the SL-83 or SL-84 controllers, which have a configurable set of “time events” i.e. any relay output can be activated at a preset time of day (any day or on a specific weekday or date)
  • The jingle speaker units are connected to the SL-83 controller with 2×0.75mm2 cables
  • The SL-83 controller is configured to activate relay output RL1 for 8 to 16 seconds every day at predetermined times to turn on the jingle system
  • No audio signal is transmitted in the cables, only power (12-13VDC)
  • In order to minimise the voltage drop in the cables to the jingle speaker units, a star topology is used and cable lengths are kept under 30m

T&A with jingle system