SL-862 – module for connecting two TK-type readers


This module enables attaching two additional TK-type readers to an AUX channel (SL-83,SL-84,SL-88).

This can be useful if more readers are needed or if the cable-length limit of TK readers (20m) needs to be exceeded.


  • Allows connection of two TK-type readers (e.g. TK-2, TK-4, SL-8471) to the AUX interface
  • Can be used to add two more TK readers to SL-83 and SL-84 controllers
  • Can be used to add TK readers to SL-88 controllers which have no TK ports
  • Can be used to extend the cable length of TK readers by 40-50m
  • Can be mounted externally if IP65 case and grommets are used
  • DIP SW used to set AUX address and Event Codes for reader channels